Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nontraditional training

So, technically, I have not hit the training regime since Friday afternoon. However, the past weekend was spent moving so I know I have worked out my muscles plenty!

There is still a lot to do at home and I just joined a carpool (thanks to my new location!) so it will mean working out a workout schedule between classes rather than after.

Last Monday I was shocked by the time that it took to walk three miles. It just seemed weird to think it would be almost an hour. But now, I understand why. I just wasn't doing the basic math. At 4 mph, it takes 15 minutes to walk a mile. Duh.

When things warm up, I fully intend to conduct my workouts outside - not only will it be more pleasant, but it will be more like the actual 3Day and it will give me a bit more scheduling freedom.

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