Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I was all set to go to the gym between classes today. I was even in my car and had given up my coveted parking space in order to drive to the gym (yes, it's funny I wasn't walking, but it's booger-freezing cold outside!).

However, while en route, I realized that I left my student id at home this morning. Without it, I am denied access to my treadmills and my 3-mile walk today.

I am truly frustrated by this because I was all set to go! So, I am going to cross train today and hit it tomorrow. I'm not sure how things will pan out since I am supposed to walk 4 miles on Friday and another 3 Saturday, but I won't let myself do any damage this early on.

So, I shall take today to tell you about the training schedule I am following.

It is available here(pages 31-32), thanks to the Susan G. Komen organizers.

I have adjusted the plan to my own schedule. Instead of taking Monday as my day of rest, I take Sunday (call me traditional). This means that the longest walk of the week isn't on Saturdays, but Friday afternoons. It works best with my schedule because I am free most Friday afternoons and can walk worry-free.

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