Sunday, February 14, 2010

If the shoe fits ...

Ok, Ladies, tomorrow is the big day!

Training Day 1.

Yep, tomorrow I start training for the most athletic event of my life: the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure!

Since August 6 will find me stretching my muscles in Chicago, prepping to walk 60 miles in three days, tomorrow will find me starting the first workout of my 24-week training.

In order to be fully prepared for training (and limit the possible medical issues I may encounter), I visited a specialty store for runners this afternoon. For the first time in YEARS, I was fitted for a new pair of training shoes. The sales woman was a VERY pregnant former cross country coach who told me all about the issues I might encounter (including chafing on my boobs ... ouch). She also taught me things I never knew about the way running shoes should fit. It truly was fascinating.

Apparently, I have been buying the wrong size all along. Traditionally, I am a size 8.5. However, this means that I should buy size 9.5 in running shoes. Reasons: feet swell and you need more wiggle room for toes in running shoes.
Most of the shoes I tried were just too loose in the heel. I felt like my feet were flopping around, but there was a certain pair that fit almost perfectly. Toe room was great, width was perfect (apparently, I am an 8.5 wide - the idea of having fat feet is depressing), but the heel was just a tad too loose.

Then I was shown a trick ... using the last eyelet hole, make a loop of the shoe string to make a hole for lacing. Lace the string through that and it will tighten the fit on the heel. Kevin, who has run 4 marathons, didn't even know this trick, so I made a slide show to share.


So, new shoes in hand, gym bag packed for a week of workouts (that way I can't say I forgot my clothes and skip a day), I am ready to start this newest challenge.

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