Monday, March 15, 2010

Variety and Politics

I went to Maryland this weekend to visit my friend Renee and meet her fiance. Since it was a 4-day visit, I was a bit worried about my training program. But I shouldn't have been.

Friday was spent traveling - 8 hours of plane switching and airport navigation and I made it to Baltimore at 7:30 (Eastern time). While I may not have walked the recommended mileage, at least I was still walking hard and fast for awhile.

Saturday was spent shopping wedding dresses and walking around downtown Frederick, MD. Pretty light stuff. Then Sunday was a day of vegging and watching movies, but we decided to walk, rather than drive, to the store to rent the movie. Renee says it was a 2 or 3 mile walk. It was perfectly fitting to the lazy day we had.

The best day, however, training-wise was Monday. We went to Dc, for my first time, and had 6 hours to see as much as possible before I had to catch my flight.

I knew there would be a lot of walking, so I packed my training shoes. Good thing!

Here is the path we took ... at the "end" point, we hopped a cab (for time purposes!) and flew to the Supreme Court building, then walked back to Union Station for the car.

I checked the last leg of our trip (the short walk from the Supreme Court building to Union Station) and it rounded our walk out to a nice five miles! Yay!

Then ... I flew to the Minneapolis airport and had a one hour layover - just enough time to get to my terminal more than a mile away (I looked it up).

Overall, I don't think I missed a step this past weekend.

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