Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It seems everyone has a cause these days ... AIDS, earthquakes, breast cancer.

Just this week I have received four requests via email for donations to someone's (worthy!) cause. Don't get me wrong, I think this is great and I wish I could contribute to them all. However, I can barely contribute to my own cause and don't know how to tell my friends that, because I have chosen to take up a charity and raise money, everything I can spare is going to my cause.

I am not good with fundraising, to be honest. The economic times make it harder, but so does my inherent hatred of begging. My family has never been one to ask each for money for any causes so I don't feel comfortable asking them and most of my friends are barely making ends meet - don't feel comfortable asking them.

My plan is to ask strangers. I am hoping my local coffee shop will let me sell cookies in their store for a week and that I can get something set up at school.

I have set up a change jar in my house and every time I see change on the floor, it goes in the jar. I'm thinking I will make up similar jars for friends and ask them to donate their lose change to me. What do you think?

Most of my fundraising efforts, however will happen this summer - closer to the actual event. I will have more miles under my belt, training-wise and will be able to better show my commitment to the cause.

Anyone think street performing would be a good idea for me???

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