Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wanna walk

I am so bummed!

A month or so ago I volunteered to help out at a local race because it is my dream to join the runner's world one day and I wasn't thinking about my schedule, I was just thinking it would be awesome to watch someone run 30 miles as motivation.

You know, when it's so darn hot you can barely stand it but you still have 9 miles to walk? Well, ultrarunners RUN more than 20 miles in a day. Then they get up and do it again the next day. Like us - only faster and possibly more in shape (though I have plenty of arguments in our favor!).

Anyway, the run falls on my 18/15 weekend and I am super bummed. I can't miss the run because they are counting on the volunteers. But I have been looking forward to this weekend!

I have really grown to love my long walks. I love the pride I feel when I finish them. I love the peace in my mind as I turn it off and just listen to whatever audio book is on my iPhone. I love discovering the little treasures my city offers me as I stroll the streets.

And missing the walks has me bummed. Maybe I can do 18 on Sunday and try to squeeze 15 in on Monday.


  1. I have seen lots of others flip flop for the previous weekend....just a thought

  2. I was going to make the same suggestion as Tanya. Over the last few weeks of the training schedule, the weekends alternate between really long walks and shorter recovery walks. If you find that you have a conflict, I suggest flip flopping the weekends so that you still get in all the mileage. Because you will still want the recovery weekends, I recommend making the flip flop a few weeks in advance of your 18/15 weekend and then just sticking to the inverted schedule through to the end. I have done this in the past when I realized I was going to be traveling during the 18/15 weekend and I've never had a problem with it.

    Work with the schedule to make it work for you!

    ~ Kristen

  3. My issue wasn't that I was worried about fitting in the walks (though four weeks from the event doesn't actually give me much room to alter my training plans) - I just didn't want to miss them. I look forward to my long walks these days and was bummed not to have that alone time. Those walks have become almost meditative to me!

    In the end, however, my day spent volunteering at the run was VERY inspirational and was soul-feeding in itself. See my next blog post to read about it.