Sunday, July 4, 2010

Climb every mountain

An amazing part of this 3-Day journey for me has been the success I feel each week.

When I first walked 10 miles, I was excited. When I walked 15, I was thrilled and when I walked 17 miles last Sunday, I was ecstatic.

As I train for the 3-Day, I keep climbing mountains and reaching new heights!

I reached a new one today, too.

Because of various fundraisers and final exams, I haven't been able to devote both weekend days to training walks. While I've been adding distance one day each week, I'm behind in my multiple-day endurance training. Since the schedule called for 10/6 this weekend and I found myself with two open days in a row, I altered the plan and walked 12/10 instead - and had lots of energy left over!

I feel ready for next weekend's mountain: 18/15.

Now, if only I can carve out the time ...

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