Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finally connected

When I signed up for the 3-Day, I was acting under a wave of emotion and fueled by an intense desire to support to my boyfriend and his mother. I expected a couple of my friends to join and honestly never thought I would be alone in this.

But I have been.

No one joined my team and only a handful of my friends have even been able to support me financially (we are broke law students, I get it). But I've been training for several months now and it's been completely alone. It was nice to have a friend join me on my walk last week. While her support really warmed my heart, her company was only temporary.

There are several reasons I feel so disconnected:

1. I'm walking in a city that is an 8-hour drive from where I live.
2. There have been no Get Started meetings in my area.
3. The phone meetings start during peak cell phone times and I can't afford that many minutes on my phone.
4. The one group training walk in my area is mid-week and more than a half-hour's drive for me.

I realize I may be a special circumstance and don't blame anyone for my feelings, but am happy to say everything has changed!

I finally feel connected!

Since fellow-walkers have been commenting on my dehydration experience and sharing their own on my blog and on Facebook, I finally feel connected with the Susan G. Komen 3-Day.

I want to thank the online community for welcoming me to the Walkers World. Y'all rock!


  1. I'm glad you're starting to make connections in the 3 Day community! Have you checked out the share list on the 3 Day website? You might be surprised to find a couple walkers that live closer to you that you can train with!

    ~ Kristen

  2. I totally understand how you are feeling. I'm with my husband on an Army base in Germany and there isn't anyone here to walk the crazy long training walks with. Plus the Army has a bunch of regulations regarding fundraising, so I really can't do a whole lot. We just gotta remember what we are doing this for and it'll help us when we are feeling low. Things could be worse, we could have to struggle through breast cancer. Instead we are helping to find the cure!