Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cross-training with efficiency

I'll be honest - cross training between scheduled walks is really hard. Especially since sitting on the couch watching movies is so much easier! But, alas, it must be done - and I've found the perfect solution!!!

I mow.

It's a house chore that must be done - and one I usually do on the weekends, but with 15-mile training walks, who has the time anymore?

So, on Wednesdays I mow the front yard and I get the back done of Fridays. Each takes me a bit less than an hour to mow.

Did you know that mowing with a power push mower for 50 minutes burns 270 calories??? Score!

It keeps my leg muscles warm and is a great arm workout too - especially when I tackle the incline in the yard. Once I finish, I pop inside and do some ab work then hop in the shower.

I'm all about efficient use of time so this is a great solution - two birds with one stone, baby!


  1. I try to mow either Wed or Fri and count it as my cross training as well. :)

  2. I LOVE cross training--whether it be mowing, kayaking/canoeing, or Yoga class--a great break when I get to use other parts of my body, rather than my sore feet/legs.