Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday morning walk

I just finished walking 11.5 miles! It's the farthest I have ever knowingly walked and it was not nearly as tough as I would have thought - even when I realized my last mile was up and down hills!

According to my calculations, I burned 1400 calories - that's more than I eat in a day!

I played with a couple of apps on my phone - Walkjogrun and iTreadmill. Both are good individually, but together are just a big mess of annoying.

Maybe most people can rely on just one, but not me. I was following someone's route on Walkjogrun and wasn't familiar with each turn so I had to keep reloading the app to track it - and ended up losing the route. Finally, I just decided to walk by time rather than a tracked route and turned my 10-mile training walk into 11.5 . I need to find an app with a route planner AND a pedometer.

Also, I've discovered that 32 ounces isn't nearly enough water for long walks. I came home and researched Camelbaks only to find they cost $50!

The weather on my walk was perfect - a gentle breeze carried me the entire way and made it so that I barely felt my sweat at all. It was pretty awesome taking my training out of the gym and into the real world.

I saw many urban animals and beautiful homes I've never seen before. I even found a few shops that I plan to visit later! All in all, I'd say it was a lovely way to spend a quiet Saturday morning.

The big brunch that followed was even better!

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