Friday, September 17, 2010


I am so thrilled to announce that I actually have team MEMBERS for my next breast cancer event!!!

Being a team of one for the 3-Day was fine, once I met up with other teams of one, we buddied together. But it's easier to make friends when you're walking 20 miles a day for three days.

But, thanks to my boyfriend and his family and friends, who I told about the team a couple of weeks ago, there are now six of us participating For Carol's Joy. I am most excited that Kevin's mom, the one and only Carol Joy, is getting to participate with us!

So far we have raised $160 towards our goal of $500. The Race is in 8 days and I've got a good feeling. My training is going fairly well, but my determination is what matters most. I WILL run the entire 5k and we WILL find a cure. I PROMISE!!!

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