Saturday, August 7, 2010

End of Day 2 ...

Oh how I wish I was a better writer. Then, maybe I could begin to describe my experiences these past two days.

I could tell you how I felt when I met Mel - a 17-year survivor - who was diagnosed at the age of 29. Her battle began when she was just two years older than I am.

I could describe the chills that covered my body during the emotionally charged Opening Ceremony.

I could express the gratitude I felt at meeting Nicole. She's walking because she lost her mom to this illness. Since neither of us has done the 3-Day before and don't have teams, we've buddied with a couple of other singles.

I could explain how wonderful it was to walk with Tracy, the breast friend a girl could have. Without her by my side, I never would have made it to the last 11 miles of Day One's 22 mile trek.

I could even tell you how blessed I felt to carry the "Belief" flag for 5 miles this morning.

Only two words come to mind as I try to describe Days One and Two.

Day One was overwhelming. Everything - the emotions, the people, the walk itself - even the camp, a sea of pink tents was overwhelming.

Day Two was energetic. I was rested and found a the energy to walk 3 mph most of the day - even the four miles I walked alone. The spectators were full of energy - especially Mt. Prospect residents. Policemen and fire fighters decked out in pink helped spur me on.

I'm not sure yet what word will describe Day 3, but I can hardly wait to find out. Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to welcome the last walker to camp!!!!! WOO!!!!!

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